Adam E. Leeper

I am an amateur recording engineer and live-sound guy. This page contains music recorded by me over the years. Enjoy!


This was my band in college. The alternate name was Six One Minimum. We were tall.

Members: Jason Knight, Ryan Dunlap, Matt Henthorn, Adam Leeper, Thomas Loyd

The G Strings

There was never a band, just many recording sessions. One day we can hope for a live tour ;)

Members: Adam Leeper, Michael Cole

Spread the Red / The Book of Thongs



These are personal projects with my wife and me (plus friends).

Random Stuff

  • Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives.
    Vocals: Allie Leeper and Janiece Jenkins. Guitar/Bass: Adam Leeper. Percussion/Piano: Spenser Smith.

Wedding Favor CD

Percussion: Dan Gibson. Piano: Edmond Chiu. Everything else: Adam and Allie.